New York State: Stay Safe, Wear a Mask


The Situation

As part of the state’s COVID-19 response, New York’s leadership has repeatedly called on all residents to wear masks in public. We know masks save lives, but we also know that as the weeks drag on, exhaustion and helplessness kick in.

The Challenge 

How can we make a cultural statement in the era of COVID-19 that sends public health waves across the world and helps people understand the vital role of wearing a mask?

The Strategy 

Demonstrate that during COVID-19, every New Yorker can care for one another by wearing face masks.

The Execution 

Developed a PSA, found here, that shows New Yorkers creating a mask for their most beloved resident—Lady Liberty. The film was submitted to Governor Cuomo’s office and is being used to encourage New York leadership to place a real mask on the Statue of Liberty.


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