Evelyn Lilly Lutz Foundation: Get the Vape Off Your Back


The Situation

Vaping has been declared an epidemic by the US Surgeon General. In Massachusetts alone, 40% of high schoolers and 10% of middle schoolers have tried vaping.

The Challenge

How do we encourage at-risk teens to not vape?

The Strategy

Rather than focusing on health messages that don’t necessarily resonate with teens, we chose a different angle: Vaping cramps kids’ style.

The Execution

  • Awareness campaign, targeting teens: We created short films that personify vaping as a needy, obnoxious, disrupting force that controls teens’ lives. The films ran on platforms most popular with teens.
  • Parent campaign: A parent-teen discussion guide was developed to assist parents when talking to their kids about quitting or avoiding vaping. The guide was promoted via targeted Facebook ads.
  • Community intervention: We created an in-school program encouraging teens to “Turn in Your Vape.”

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