Every Woman Every Child: Diarrheal Disease


The Situation

Children 24 months or younger are at the greatest risk of death from diarrhoeral disease, and more than half of these deaths occur in developing countries. These needless deaths can be easily prevented with a simple treatment of zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS).

The Insight

When their children are unwell, mothers just “want their children to be strong again” and need the resources and guidance on the best practices and products to ensure they are healthy once more.

The Approach

Informed by in-country research findings in Nigeria and Uganda, the core creative concept “Strong Baby,” featured a healthy, happy baby. This concept tested positively across target countries and informed all campaign materials.

The Outputs

Developed a brand, Zinc+ORS, which was applied to a suite of communications materials designed for frontline healthcare workers and caregivers. To ensure local organizations had access to and could download, print, and customize the materials, we also created a website that housed all materials, including adaptable design assets. With open-source design files, we empowered local and global health organizations to take it and run. Since launching the platform, thousands of frontline health workers in 3 countries, including more than 11,000 in Uganda alone, have used it to educate mothers and push the needle on these preventable childhood deaths.