Clinton Health Access Initiative: Every Breath Counts


The Situation

Pneumonia is the top killer in children under 5, yet only 4% of severe pneumonia cases are correctly diagnosed. In high-burden areas for pneumonia, health workers and caregivers often fail to identify signs of pneumonia before it’s too late.

The Insight

Training of healthcare workers to correctly diagnose children with severe pneumonia is needed for children to get effective treatment and save thousands of lives, but this can be difficult in resource-limited contexts.

The Approach

McCann Global Health worked to develop creative communications that addressed the critical challenges to preventing and treating childhood pneumonia. Through a process that involved in-country market testing, stakeholder input, and iteration, we created resources that ensured that all key stakeholders have the tools to support the fight against childhood pneumonia.

The Outputs

Created a logo and brand identity, PSAs, health worker and caretaker training videos, and an online platform to support the activities of the Every Breath Counts communication campaign. We designed all materials to be adaptable, using simple Microsoft applications. The suite of educational tools for 10 high-burden countries was aimed at raising awareness about, and spurring investment in, child pneumonia prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Emphasizing interpersonal communication, all materials enable program facilitators to train health workers to educate caregivers in turn. First launched in Uganda, the program has since been rolled out across Africa and South Asia.

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