Ditch the Vape


The Situation

Vaping is on the rise. With teens facing issues ranging from COVID-19 to the mental health crisis and increased isolation, more than 1 in 7 American high schoolers now vape. With more products and flavors entering the market, we needed to make a case against vaping.

The Challenge 

How do we reduce teen vaping rates when high schoolers don’t want to be lectured to or hear about the health risks of vaping?

The Strategy 

Urge teens to ditch the vape by hitting where it hurts: their wallets. Vaping costs teens an average of $1500/year, so let’s show all the cool stuff that can be yours when you #DitchTheVape

The Execution 

We created a film featuring real Beverly, Massachusetts high school students playfully showing off all the fun and interesting things teens can enjoy when they ditch their vapes. The PSA became the backbone of a powerful social media campaign.

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